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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Mother Jord

Mother Jord, Great Goddess of Earth,
Goddess of seasons, of life, and of birth.
Goddess of planting, of growing, and reaping,
Always evolving, and changing, never sleeping.

Your air is so fresh, it makes us feel strong,
Your winds that are howling are just your wind - song.
Your storms overhead that bring us fresh waters,
Form the playground for Ran, and her daughters.

You rumble and shake all over this land,
Some say You are angry, they don't understand.
Your stirrings are merely Your cycles of life,
Not glimpses of hatred, or malice, or strife.

We seed, and we plant, we sweat, and we toil,
We work very hard to grow in your soil.
Life giving foods sprout forth from Your rains,
Our reward is Your fruits, vegetables, and grains.

You provide us with weapons, and clothes to keep warm,
And materials to build shelters for weathering a storm.
Fire to warm us on the coldest of nights,
The dawn of Your morning is the best of all sights.

Jord, Great Goddess, and mother of Thor,
Passionately written of in our ancestors lore.
Plant in our hearts the right things to do,
So we can be gentle, and caring, in our love for you !

Glenn Bergen, April 22, 2011

A Follower Of  The Old Ways
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