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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Strife-Father, Shape-Shifter,
I despise your mention.
Your name brings nothing but pain to the gard.
Those who invoke you deserve their life troubles.
Brand them as outcast and spit on their god.

World-Breaker, Shape-Changer,
I flee from your shadow.
Unsummoned, unbeckoned, you've sunk in your claws.
Conflict surrounds me and my life has crumbled.
I lift up my voice in my despair and cry.

Most-Cunning, Change-Maker,
My life is bending.
Run through a forge-fire, the slag cast aside.
My vision is clearing, new growth lies before me.
What brought your attention? Do I dare ask why?

Sky-Treader, Self-Changer,
A new way has opened.
New skills and wisdom, good humor abounds.
You whisper your insights, they pierce to the marrow.
No longer am I living as one of the blind.

Gift-Bringer, Self-Shaper,
I am an outcast.
I offered your blessings, was driven aside.
They've smashed all the mirrors - their reflections pain them.
My luck is strong - I remain at your side.

Refr Galtung

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