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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Man Is the Joy of Man


Love to be shared is warmth all around,

where everyone gives as much as they get,
where everyone lives without pain or regrets--
Where a hand on a shoulder can remove burdens
that once seemed heavier to bear
than the weightiest of boulders--

A sigh of sympathy
is like a classical symphony--
Where the shadow upon your lover's heart
may cloud the brightest, lightest day--
You, knowing them so intimately as you do,
divine without asking that most certainly what they need
beyond any other thing, is just a moment of silence
in which one may hold on to another,
a warm body which they may hold to,
cleave to, even cling--

The depths to which we are moved
on behalf of one another
go far beyond the terms for
father, mother, sister or brother--
One whom you have touched the heart of,
even if only for a moment, becomes soul kin--

To do so may take the lightest of caresses,
you may lightly run your hand over their silken tresses,
or give that quick tight squeeze that comes
upon anticipation, expectation of some gain
you know is coming,
feel stir deep within your blood,
your psyche crying out,
You may simply give an encouraging shout
that fosters for them the needed momentum.
That essential connection is made--

It could be across a distance
farther than you can shout,
or scream...
It might even come across
(dare I say it)
a computer screen.

What is needed more than anything else,
to make that snuggle, cuddle, hug,
that feeling that keeps you warm inside,
as though you've been wrapped from head to toe
in a rainbow of scintillating warmth
is simply to Joy Of Love--
Acceptance at the most basic level.

So, today take time out of your day,
give yourself, your love, your dog, your friend,
a stranger you see on the street,
a smile, a wave, a moment of wamth,
be caring, be brave, be true...
Let down your shields-- it
Is nothing other than the beauty
that truly is you!

Ayla Wolffe

Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook


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