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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Mani and Me


Standing outside,
Under your bright light
As I do blot each Monday night,
I feel you close to me,
Hear the song of crickets,
Of katydis, and of locust.
I smell the cut grass,
Look at the leaves above my head,
And think of my ancestors,
Of the days gone by--
Of how it would have been
In the long ago--
Many are those who have stood just so
Under your light oh Mani,
Many are they who have given to you
Words from the heart,
Confiding in you the pain,
The joys, the hopes for the future
That they hold so near and dear.
I see the shadows of the past rise up about me,
I smell the incense, see the candle,
It is but a smaller reflection of you.
Tasting the cider, cool and sweet
I speak to you, that which dwelt within
Comes forth and becomes.
Oh Mani, you have followed each day and night of my life,
Silently watching, gauging to see
Am I worthy, am I moving forward in time,
Hanging on by a thread or striving onward--
Mani, as you watch over me, here in my home
My children are under another roof,
Look upon them, nurture them,
Give them messages of love in their sleep,
Help them know their worth,
That they can and will succeed--
Deliver to them messages of a mother's love.
Mani, shine on, shine on, shine on...
As the cider is swallowed, cold and sweet,
I feel my head swimming with joy,
Drunk on the night, heart pounding
And I know that we will always speak
In the language of dark and light,
Reflected back at one another,
Whether it be aloud or in the smallest whisper.
Mani, as you travel the sky,
Let not the wolf win.


Ayla Wolffe

Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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