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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Lord Odin, Hear my Words

Lord Odin, hear my words
The burden is so hard to master,
Send me one of your wise birds,
Send Huginn to avoid disaster!

Hear my words, Father of Gods,
Tell your raven to hurry,
Fly faster than arrow shots,
Otherwise itís me you need to bury!

Lord, is it yet that late?
I want to be again with my love
Save me from Helís fate
Donít let me starve

Send Valkyries for me
Defend me against the death
I was your warrior and always will be,
Help me, Iím almost out of breath!

Save me from the evil witch,
Call me to you to Valhall!
Let me cross Heimdallís bridge;
Donít give Hel my skull.

© Roy Martin

Image: West pediment of the Temple of Aphaia, Aegina, Greece. Detail.
ca. 500-490 B.C, marble. Glyptothek, Munich, Germany.

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