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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Loki Poem

"Who was it who urged on Asgard's walls?
Who was it who blocked the builder's work?
Who was it who broke Freya's betrothal?
You, Loki, and for what?

At the price of your foal, Sleipnir,
Asgard gained a stronghold,
Freya was freed from the deal,
And Ošin obtained his steed.

Who was it who gave Sif her hair?
Who was it who gave Odhin his spear?
Who was it who gave Frey Skišblašnir?
You, Loki, and for what?

You played a trick on Sif and cut her hair,
And brought her back some better,
Further fetching other treasures to the Aesir:
Your mischief made more for them all!

Who was it who had Mjolnir made?
Who was it who had Draupnir made?
Who was it who had Frey's boar made?
You, Loki, and for what?

You bet your head, but not your neck---
You paid without paying the penalty
The dark elves thought they earned:
Your subtle wits circumvented them!

Who was it who travelled with Thor?
Who was it who warded from behind?
Who was it who raced Fire for food?
You, Loki, and for what?

You went with Thor for friendship,
For curiosity and care. In cunning,
You took and twisted a trial
To get you wanted as well.

Who was it who faced Thjazi in eagle-form?
Who was it who rent Išun from the Aesir?
Who was it who rescued her?
You, Loki, and for what?

Despite duress, you gave a vow,
And kept it carefully til it was complete,
Afterwards acting to annul it. Without your aid,
Skaši wouldn't have sought out the Aesir!

Who was it who flew to Thrym for Thor's hammer?
Who was it who brought Thor as a bride to Thrym?
Who was it who there warded him with words?
You, Loki, and for what?

For friendship's sake, you flew and searched,
Found and fared back with word of where it was;
You escorted Thor in similar disguise, smoothing
Over his brash bearing till he bore Mjolnir anew!

Who was it who demanded a draught of mead?
Who was it who flyted the Aesir for fun?
Who was it who sought a senna with them all?
You, Loki, and for what?

Mocking, you made mischief at their feast,
Delivered strife for their dessert,
Sweeping aside their masks of morals,
Revealing what they really were.

So, who is it who we should praise for his tricks?
Who is it who we should applaud for his wit?
Who is it who we should prize for his quips?
Why, you, Loki, you, Loki, you!"

© Carol Robe

Image: "Loki's flight to Jötunheim", William Gershom Collingwood (1854-1932)

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