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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Oh my beloved God,
You have feasted upon my heart.
You have devoured it,
as though it were the sweetest of fruits.
My fine and feral God:
savage and sensual all at once;
compassionate and cruel,
my heart was ever too small a thing
to hold the secrets You whispered in the dark
and far too small for Your brotherís furious thunder.
I have danced in Your flame.
I have made my bed in its sweetness.
I have felt its bite and its silken caress.
You have ridden the pulsing gallop of my heart beat,
swam the rivers of my blood.
I have poisoned myself with you,
my Intoxication, my Addition, my God.
Nowhere could I flee, if ever I wished to flee
from the implacable heat of Your presence.
Loki, before even Odin there was You.
And in my heart, some halls remain hidden for You alone.

© Galina Krasskova

Image: Flaming heart, © Lukas Riebling. Permission is granted to copy, distribute
and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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