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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Living Tru

With arms I'm skilled
And with my fists too
My word-skill can wound
As well as heal you
The blood of kings flows in my veins
An ancestral treasure of might and main
Of all the gods many I call friend
Heroes too I name as kin
My honored line holds much fame
Yngling and Scylding
And many other names
For this fate I must be true
With words and deeds
That bring honor to you
My strong and mighty ancestors
In your ways I proudly walk
At the way of gift-giving
Generosity has no bounds
Often I warm friends such
Hospitality I know well too
A seat by the fire for a guest
Warm-talk, food and drink is best
Family first, clan comes next
Tribe above all when put to the test
Woe to those who wish me ill
And to those who trust-betray
Second chances I know not
An unworthy wretch is best left to rot
In-yard and out-yard warded well
In this way prosperity swells
Good luck is held safe for all
Fine gifts returned into the well
Words woven deep in Urdís place
Wyrd and orlog forward race
Warp and woof for men to wade
Doom can be warded off
By the heroís courageous heart
God-gifts I give often and right
With ancestors too I share each night
The wights are friendly around this seat
Good-will between us held right and meet

© Jeff Wolf


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