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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Let Me Soothe Your Pain

Let me soothe Your pain, my love,
Let me comfort You.
From the fields of endless battle, find solace in my arms,
Each drop of blood You shed on the Tree, let me kiss it away,
And each tear shed for Your fallen children,
Your Einherjar, Your Valkyries.
Let me be Your sanctuary, Your holy place,
Your innermost sanctum,
Where You, restless Wanderer, may know rest.
Let me offer shelter from Your storm that endlessly rages,
Peace and respite from Your fury.
Let me be the quiet center of Your tempest,
The stillness in the midst of Your frenzy.
Rest Your head upon my breasts and let me hold You close,
My Old Man,
Let my kiss be sweet mead upon Your lips,
Enticing You to dreams of victory.

Laure Lynch     Gate of the Slain     Odhroerir Fellowship

Author of Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
and Water from the Well And Other Wyrd Tales of Odin

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