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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Landvaettir Bede 

Hail Unseen Ones respect I give
Earth Spirits dark Sky Spirits bright
Our Bond in Wyrd is old and strong
By Land and Blood by Troth and Faith

I am come here Blot Stone to stain
A Holy Stead I wish to share
This place is yours where altar stands
Before I start your let I ask

On Hallowed ground for Sacral Time
This drink I pour in grateful thanks
My purpose set your fee I give
To ward this glade and worship watch

When I am done I'll not forget
This Bond I called twixt you and
For health of Land and Wealth of Folk
I'll work each day my Word of Oath

Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr, 26 Lenting, 2252 RE

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Image: Tarrendeusant, Pagan Cult Site, Mid Glamorgan.  
Martin J Powell 2001-5, from Aenigmatis Photo Gallery.

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