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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Lament (Away, Away...)

I made my love a close-wove cloak
to keep him from the cold.
Lined it was with foxes' fur
and 'broidered 'round with gold.

Chorus: Away, Away, Away...
My love's away across the sea...

I sewed my love a silken sark
as handsome near as he
and I sewed it all with stitches fine
as is my love to me.


I fetched my love his cold grey blade
and bringed his ash-haft spear
and I begged his byrnie of close-wrought rings
to guard his life tae me sae dear.


I watched the drakkar setting sail,
the whale-way rough and deep,
and I bit my lip till it brightly bled
but he never did see me weep.


And now I lay me down to sleep
my bed both warm and wide
and none there is save the cold, cold wind
to stretch down by my side...

© Lyrics, tune: Karen L.U. Kahan 1998

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