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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Lady of Earth

Lady of Earth
I knelt frightened, a pup as you called me
You sheltered me in your blanket, warmed me
against chill glares.

I intruded on your space yet you freely made room.
Always welcomed by your soft glance
Gladdened I am by your smile.

Lady of Earth
You stroked my hair, brushed dirt from my cheeks
A bowl of soup such simple frith you gave
to allay my tears.

Your home was open, your children became friends.
Always welcomed by your soft glance
My heart soars by your smile.

Nerthus, accept my gratitude for all you have done,
accept my love for all that you are,
accept my devotion for all that you do.

Salena Levy (aka Anderson)

Temple of the Flea

This work by Salena Levy is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.

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