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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Jotun´s Bane

The sagas of Vinland are still being writ,
An age that will rival them all,
And Vinland’s new sons tread fearless and brave,
Their war cries resound through the halls,
The sharp sword of deeds, shining and keen,
Sings promise of glory and fame,
And today is the day that quickens the blood
At the mention of JBK’s name.

Think not we waver, nor balk at the fray,
Think not we shall flinch from the fight,
Know all ye men that we welcome the chance
To feast on Valhol’s boar tonight.
Larger than life will our gefrain be
In saga times such as these
And the skalds shall sing long of the JBK song
And giants will fall to their knees.

Vinland stand tall, warriors all,
Turn loose the Jotun’s Bane,
Cattle die and kinsman die
But forever will live that name…

© Johnny Whitebread



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