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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I will Hail the Bold God


I will hail the bold God, Lord of Asgard´s Hosts.
I will praise the Lord of Valhalla.
I will celebrate His strenght, cunning and wisdom,
this God of warriors and kings.
I will praise Him, the Allfather,
Husband of Frigga, Delight of her arms.
I will hail the Drighten and Ring-giver,
Whose gifts inspire His chosen.
I will laud this Wooer of women,
Whisperer of charms and seduction.
I will sing of the Master of Poets,
Ensnarer of many an unwary heart.
I will raise a horn in His honor.
May victory be Yours, Valfağr.
Hail, Woden! Hail the Wisest of Counselors!




© Galina Krasskova  (from: The Whisperings of Woden)

Image: "Odin", © Roberto Jaras L., www.artecelta.cl, used with permission.


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