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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Is that hoofbeats I hear?

Wake the world,
Wake all the worlds,
Hoof-flourisher rides the skies

Seeking and Winnowing
The downdrafts and dowsing
the dust of the earth's path,
Questioning answers...

Raising wonders,
Sifting thoughts
The horse's rider,
rights the reins,

Blows a breath across the land,
Finds Frigga's guests,
Her foundlings,
Her foster children,

Fascination hastens
As dreams deliver questions,

Wake the world,
Wake all the worlds,
Sifting shifts the pace
In a wild March wind

Harken the hoofbeats
Of Hofvarpner approaching,
Gna awakens us with a laugh
As hooves harrow the giving ground,
seeding the soil with suprises,

Eyes wide, head high
Gna's horse neighs as she laughs,
Frigga's Messenger approaches,
To gather the gifts we give Her,
Carries the cause to Frigga's Hall,

The old ways live, Goddess,
Alive and well,
Alive and well,
The death knell of tyranny
Can never prevail,

A dandelion blooms from stone,
A seed digs in,
Wake the world,
Wake all the worlds,
Goddess is alive,

Towering above the earth,
Gna gallops hoof-flourisher,
Favors a seed in her hand,
with triumphant laughter,

Your children rise, Lady,
Spring has blown its breath
And beauty bears a seed, Beloved,
They wake the world,
They wake all the worlds,
As wisdom leads the way.....

Hazel-Kate Dooley

Image: Dee Dreslough's Art Gallery - free art for your pages!

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