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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Irmin’s Luminosity

On downy bed
In warded room
Amongst the folk
Beloved will sing

Runes and charms
Glide into the Well
Awareness deepened
Feorh sent to flight

Drumming of heart
The body’s well beat
Wih is the occasion
Halig is the traveler

Hama’s kin set to fly
Thunor’s son warded might
Woden’s pupil knows the deep
Freo’s hope searches wide

Longing for truth
Women are sought
Women of old
Women long gone

Longing for truth
Seek the soul
Idesa sings in soft silk tones
Idesa bright, sun-white gold

Awareness did merge
Aethem was felt
Truth of life
Shining death

Four times the Idesa sought
Four times the glory revealed
Four times joy unbound
Four times fear take hold

Four times did the strike hit hard
Four times did the world cry
Four times did the Irminsul rise
Four times did the Gap yawn

Four times did Thunor strike
Four times was death tasted
Four times the soul of the world was known
Four times did Woden smile

Beholden to breath
Unable to gasp
No wind bags or flesh
No face and no hand

Self of all
Stretched to infinity
Limit did try
Awareness of the now

No body to speak of
No flesh to feel
Crushed yet was the traveler
Stretched beyond all ken

Os-mægen burning through
Os-mægen of Thunor true
Os-mægen of the Pillar so high
Os-mægen of roots no one knows

Unspeakable horrors
Unspeakable joys
Unsure of reality
All was revealed

Music of elves
Tones of serenity
Waves of terror
Washing through the mind

Flesh cannot contain
The pain and the pleasure
Mind cannot know
The rapture and torture

A great fate
A horrid decree
Must it be
To be the Tree

Know now the truth of life
Spark of love
In warfare’s strife
Slaves are we all

Slaves to the senses
Slaves to the lies
Slaves to the deception
Of Thursar cries

The traveler weeps
How can he go on?
Feeling what was felt
Knowing what is true

Enlightenment comes
At a very high price
Life has a flavour
Of metallic sugar

Great was the expanse
Great was the light
Grand was the choir
Terror was the knowing

The Gap did he travel
The Tree did he become
Joy and terror of life and death
Dying would be kinder

In the hall of unknowing
A god is he now
In the hall of knowing
An infant on all fours

Idesa did he seek
Truth did he find
The soul of all revealed
War and blood defiled

Longing for beloved
Longing for comfort
Sweating in bed
Afraid of not living

Felt as he died
Hoped that he lived
Beloved was beside
Beloved was in bed

Beloved is the anchor
Beloved is the purpose
Beloved is the path
Beloved is the jewel

Find me in truth
Lose me in hate
Embrace me in love
Why for this fate?

Days going by
Afraid to fall asleep
Afraid to become one with
The Light of wisdom’s luminosity

Persist did he though
Life did he tread
Knowing also
That life is not dread

For what he did see
Is not separate from all
For what he did see
Is as true as nightfall

United are we
In this game of life
United are we
Even in death

Beyond the illusion
Embracing clarity
The Light of truth
Irmin’s luminosity

© Robert Shawn Rowland

Gástlic Gang - A spiritual journey and life

Image: Silver Irminsul pendant with garnet.

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