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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Invocation to Skadi

Hail, Huntress of the snow and ice!
We who struggle between the tracks
Left by Your winter sleigh,
We whose bloody marks You track,
Skillful in your cold eye,
We hail you, Mistress of Survival!
Etin-bride of winters, Your cloak
Spreads white over the fields,
The icy wind Your breath,
White wolf in the snow.
Teach us of the narrow edge between
Living and dying, and of that struggle,
And the cold, nakes truth that it reveals.
Catch us naked in the snow, Lady,
We shall bare our throats to your wisdom
And count ourselves lucky.

From the "Pagan Book of Hours", Order of the Horae

Image: Skadi by ~gryphons-aerie. Model: Shyble.



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