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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Invocation to Skadhi


Fierce You walk and fierce You stalk

The mountains tremble in Your wake

The howl of the wolf Your lonely song

Winter´s first snow Your cowl and cape


Strong You are, ferocious in Your silence

Fixing Your prey wit a chilly gaze

With bow in hand Your quarry can run

But it matters not, Your arrow their fate


You tread lightly, a hunter´s careful pace

Yet the land is marked anyway

Ice coats your footsteps, and the air is cold

And always we feel a hint of Your strength


Woman You are, a role model for us

When we seek the power within

Teach us, wise Etin-Bride, what it means

To take pride in being strong and feminine


Here is to You, Strong One, Fierce One

Winter Queen of the Northern Lands

We honor You, White She-Wolf here and now

And we trust ourselves to Your hands

© Tracy Nichols

Published in "The Huntress Within: Finding Skadhi" as Isa Frostdottir.

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