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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Invocation to Sinthgunt

Mighty Maga, I hail and honor You.
Wise healer, cunning wyrd-smith,
Brave in battle, beloved by Your sibs,
I call to You this night.
Yours is the dark fire
That flows between the sun and the moon.
You stand triumphant in the vault of the heavens.
You dance supreme in the spinning flow of the cosmos.
Your power is silent, secret, as eternal as Your father's.
Mighty Guardian of the House of Time,
Please extend Your blessings upon me.
Speak through my dreams, Oh Goddess,
If doing so is pleasing to You.
Inspire me, mighty Lady,
That I may honor You cleanly and well.
Help me to ensure my feet are well placed
On the twin road of devotion and action
That I am meant to tread.
Preserve me from the poison of my own hubris.
Preserve me from the sickness of my own despair.
Preserve me from the hell of spiritual entropy.
Night-walking Goddess,
Guide me through the darkness of my own becoming.
Celestial power, teach me.
To order my heart honorably and with discretion.
Sister of Sol, Sister of Mani,
Unbridled shining star in Nott's gleaming firmament,
Friend of Frigga, Friend of Fulla,
Mighty Singer of charms and weaver of incantations,
Please bless me tonight, Oh Goddess;
And in return, I shall hail You.
I shall honor You.
I shall always revere Your name.
Hail, Sinthgunt.

Sophie Oberlander

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