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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Invocation to Fulla

Hail, Asgard's princess,
Younger sister of the Queen!
Hail, maiden of plenty
Who fills the pots and larders,
Who gives us abundance in all things
That we may in turn give hospitality.
Hail, maiden of the fields
Who makes the grain rise fine and proud!
For abundance is more than mere riches,
It is the careful accounting of fairness
So that everyone gets enough for survival
Enough for happiness
And enough to pass on to others.

From the "Pagan Book of Hours",
Order of the Horae

Image: "Nine of Coins", Lover's Path Tarot, 2012 Kris Waldherr Art and Words.
All rights reserved. www.kriswaldherr.com.
Used by permission.


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