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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Invocation to Freya

In swimming-blue gaze framed with gold-glow
In silent smile I basked.
Quiet and calm in cool endless fields
You found my cold-fettered soul.

Not passion nor fury but wordless great wonder
I knew no common cares.
Your golden tears shining not sad but sanguine
Your life-power limitless, like the Sun.

Loathe was I to leave you unchained life-goddess
Giver, sea gold, siedh-queen.
Sating my soul with Lif and Lifthrasir
I found all my heart-mail melted.

Break my bonds flax-maid, Vanadis
Shatter my frost-prison with fire!
Bright Brisingamen flood of life-blood
Make the day flower free!
Make the sunlight sing free!

© Erik Goodwyn

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