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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Lord of Fire
Silver tongued devil
Hela’s Sire
Come to me

Stealer of Brisingamen
Bestower of gifts
Bringer of World’s End
Teach me

Mother of Sleipnir, Mother of Witches
Lover of Goddesses
Robber of riches
Touch me

Truth-sayer, otter slayer
Blood Brother to
The Lord of the Aesir
Laugh with me

Folly of Hod
Slayer of Baldr
Bane of the Gods
Show me

Father of the Snake
Father of the Wolf
Father of Sigyn’s sons
Play with me

Hated by Gods
Hated by men
Loved by few
Who are with You to the end
Be with me

Lord of lies, Lord of fun
I raise a glass
in praise of Laufey’s Son
Come to me

© Tracy Nichols

Published in her book: "From the Heart, For the Heart",
a collection of essays, prayers, and poems about Loki.
Used by permission.

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