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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Oh, mighty Odin in Asgard above!
I beseech you to grant me inspiration
And let me blind mine eye for at least this moment
So that I may see as you see; with knowledge
And wisdom to bring forth this epic of our kin
And tell a saga that shall lift our brethren up
In times of despair and darkness today!
Give me the power in my ink-filled sword
To style this shield of alabaster with written art
For no one, man or god, can surpass thee
With the knowledge and wit of poetry,
That is, that with which you are the divine master of.
May you bless this parchment with your hand
And give it wings to fly (but not before it is printed!)
So that our kin shall have an epic of their own
To tell their children and give them guidance.
Guidance? Yes! Guidance in how they shall deal
When the runes are cast before them with a force
That may mean certain doom for them should they
Live as they do now. For Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld
Control our fates, but it is up to our own strength
To decide how we shall come to that fate. Let this tale
Give our faith a new hero, though fictitious, and
Let his adventures and his quest be that which shall
Inspire us all to strive for the hopes he shall pursue,
Oh great All-Father. I pray to thee, give this poet
A steady hand, a bottomless well of ink, a quill
That will never break, and a paper that is spill-proof,
So that I may produce and epic worthy of praise
From the Vanir and Aesir. This I pray to you,
Father Odin, and thus I shall write. Amen.

Dmitri Redski
From: "Releasing Thor" - An Asatru Epic (in progress)

Image: "Le montagnard exile", Louis Boulanger, ca. 1827

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