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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Invincible Spirit

There is no obstacle which can't be overcome;
No tyrant who can't be toppled;
No one's designs can't be undone,
And nor may any proud, high man be not humbled.

No one is unable to gain any great skills;
No other language can't be learned;
No one can't climb the highest hills,
Nor can any respect be not righteously earned.

No competitor can't be bested in conflict;
No one man can't make a mistake;
No swathe can't a man shear too swift,
And no woman exists who can be won too late.

There exists no frail flesh which is just an empty shell;
We reap the best of what we sow.
The Gods help those who help themselves,
And the Gods want us to make the most of life now.

Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: Illustration by Victor R. Lambdin, for "Viking Tales" by Jennie Hall, 1903.

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