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~ Poetry Duel ~

Inspiration Divine

Har's Mead beckoned me
horn on table for all to see
he sat back on Hildskalf's height
seeing if to dare this mortal might

His one eye pierced me
and this truth I knew
that if I supped of Kvasir's blood
my world would be sundered with fearsome hew

A gale was hidden
under the brimming rim
such heart's flare in whose merest starlight
the whole of the world would dim

I seized, and gulped with joy
then embittered, gulped forlorn
taking gasps and many draughts
At last emptied the Old Man's horn

Madness, it seemed,
coursed down my throat
on a typhoon of expression
rocked my mind's too small boat

Words came to me,
as storm hurled splinters might
rammed by fierce passion
overpowered my sight

Old Har smiled
and for silence he rang
and my voice, now unstoppable
rose high,... and sang

© Matthias Wilson

© Image: Anke Eißmann

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