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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


In Honor Of Mani

The night sky shines with Your loving gleam,
Your light flows out like a fluid beam.
You give us hope, You give us light,
You give us joy throughout the night.

We feel You pulling at our pride,
The way you tug at our ocean's tides.
Though You are not always in our sight,
We know that You are there, if not so bright.

Mani, Great Mani, ever present,
Shining God of the great grey crescent.
With Sunna you dance round and round,
You cross our skies without a sound.

Sometimes, if we are lucky, and really pray,
You come out and visit us in the day.
Shine on Great Mani, God of our night,
Forever in our hearts, seldom out of sight.

Glenn Bergen, June 1993

A Follower Of  The Old Ways
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