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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Ingwi Prayer                         This poem in Anglo-Saxon

I bow to you Vanir's leader,
Song and boast I sing to you,
Ing Froda; Frey almighty,
Through fields Fared yo wain,
In olden days Frith fullfilled,
Children leaped; Through flowers,
And lovers; Laid in meadows,
As earls sang Seated at symble,
Queens spoke Pleasing words.
Summer draws on Plows in the field,
Just as the ancestors In days of old,
Today we; Place faith in you,
Worship you Vanir king,
The Ęsir's protector Almighty Frey.
Wassail World's god,
Wassail Frey In your embrace Gerd grows,
Bright blooming With child,
Vanir child; The World's blooming.
Bless Us; eternal,
Happy children Ing Frey!

© Swain Wodening Canote

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