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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ingwaz Frea was the Anglo-Saxon version of the Norse god Frey. His name is preserved in the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem and many place names. It is known from Norse accounts that his image was taken from place to place during his holy tide, and it was a time of great celebration

The modern English is followed by the Anglo-Saxon version.

Ing Frea Festival Day Prayer

I bow to you ---Vanir's leader,
song and boast--- I sing to you,
Ing Froda--- Frey almighty,
through fields ---fared yo wain,
in olden days ---frith fullfilled,
children leaped--- through flowers,
and lovers---laid in meadows,
as earls sang ---seated at symble,
queens spoke---pleasing words.
summer draws on---plows in the field,
just as the ancestors--- in days of old,
today we---place faith in you,
worship you ---Vanir king,
the sir's protector---almighty Frey.
Wassail--- World's god,
Wassail Frey--- in your embrace Gerd grows,
bright blooming ---with child,
Vanir child--- the World's blooming.
bless Us--- eternal,
happy children ---Ing Frey!

Ingui Fran Frolsdg Bed

Ingui Fran Frolsdg Bed
Ic lte --- lodfruma Wena,
Gielde ond gielpe---gale t ,
Ing Fda---Fra eallmihtig,
urh felda---fr in wgn,
fyrndagum ---frifullfyl,
bearn hlopon ---urh blstman,
ond lufras---lagon n meoda,
sw earlas sungen----saton t symle,
cwne cwadon--- cwmlicum wordum.
sumor lac---sylh n felda,
sw Ealdras---ealdgedagum,
tdg w ---trowa ,
weora ---Wena cyninge,
Esaweard---Eallmihtig Fra.
Ws hal---Woruldes god,
ws hal Fra---On fm Gerd grow,
beorht blwende---mid bearne,
Wena bearn--- woruldes blstm.
blts s---blum smarum,
micelum frium---frondscipe ece,
bearnum frgum---Ingui-Fra.

Swain Wodening Canote


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