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                     ~ By Courtesy of Others ~


                              In Birka’s Wood 

The Seeker in the Darkwood wandered   lost in silent cold and darkness, 
From the deep wood came he forth          unto the pool he had been seeking, 
                              Where the silent Goddess dwells. 

Gazed into the still and deep                    into that pool which has no sounding, 
Sacred Ice, warmed by the Fire               fills the waiting womb with life 
                              In that place where new life dwells. 

In the distance on the shoreline                 glowing in the misty dawn 
Stood the sacred grove of birch trees       reflected on the pool’s deep mirror 
                             Where the silent Goddess dwells. 

Gazing at the grove’s reflection-               was a Goddess dancing there? 
A secret smile upon the water                  darkly shining, then was gone 
                             And he knew her secret name. 

FreyR and Freja might’ly plow                 and plant the seed of life within 
“Tis she who guards its new life growing   in that place twixt heart and womb 
                            Where the silent Goddess dwells. 

She shall have no bairn to carry                yet none are born without her 
And the Springtide is bless’d by her         birth and rebirth are her share 
                             Birch branch blossom in her hair. 

Then the seeker knew her mystery            gave blood in that secret rite 
Filled the cup of life renewed                    in that place where no man passes 
                            Where the silent Goddess dwells. 

Filled with light and joy of Springtide         looking from the Pool’s dark 
Seeking yet to know the Goddess             but she vanished from his sight 
                           Not to be known in the light. 

Then he knew the task before him:            Plant the seeds and guard them well 
Know the joy of FreyR and Freja!            Honor to the holy Birch grove 
                          Where the silent Goddess dwells.


© 1992 Lavrans Reimer-Møller


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