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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

I Give Thanks

On this day:
I give thanks to all of my ancestors who have gone before me,
for bringing our lineage this far into an amazing world.
I give thanks to all my kin, for they all have given me through the years
the love and suppprt to build my strong foundation.
I give thanks to all my kith, for I am truly blessed
to be in the company of such great friends.
I give thanks to the Æsir, Asynjur and Vanir.
They enrich my life more and more each and every day.
I give thanks, above all, to The Allfather Óğinn, f
or bringing me into this world and into this wonderful tradition;
for showing me things that can only be seen through his wisdom.
Heill the ancestors! Heill our kith and kin!
Heill the high holy powers! Heill Óğinn!

© Louis Buccellato (Alföğrsulf)


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