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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I come

Falling spinning madness, into the depths, drowning in the deep, beautiful fury, 
throughout time and space I fly, rolling thunder, flashing light, I come.

Ever knowing, ever not, into the light of the dark, far from the path I stray, 
mindless madman, wise and knowing, sky fire for friend, far away yet close by, I come.

Burning with fire, cold as ice, glorious rapture, impending doom, ghost that haunts you, thing you cannot find,        © Berco Beute
drawn to unknown powers, stumbling and unsure, among dark hordes I stand alone, I come.

Mystery and fate, fearless abandon, onward I go, relentless and driven, forever I be, I am because I am, 
terrible darkness brilliant and shining, iron willed, magnificent beast, strong yet weak, untold wonder, I come.

Lustful and wanting, giving and taking, raging against the dark, blinding light tis I, battlerage to the wicked, 
treading where no one dares, losing myself in the vast void, I am the path, onward I drive, against all odds, I come.

Downward frenzy, spiralling upward, unrelenting force of nature, cutting with words, I need a sign, 
calling on spirits, dream warrior, I enter through thought, sweet poison, untamed desire, I come.

I am the darkest light, unstoppable specter of things to come, the memory of the future, the past awakened, 
bringing power and chaotic glory, wild with the fever of mysteries, I come.

Into freezing fire, fierce and unyielding I do go, unbendable steel, I cut through the night, 
riding the storm, dark churning clouds before me, dancing sky fire, I come.

© Hildolfr Draugadrottin

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Image: "Deep Swirl", © Berco Beute, used by permission. Berco Beute´s Homepage & Artwork.


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