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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Hugin and Munin

Hugin and Munin fly away from me,
To the ends of the earth,
Thoughts and Memory.

Sleipnir's pounding hooves,
Eight in strength,
But not to forget my great wolves.

Togetherness and unity,
Canid show of strength,
This is my authority.

But Humans be the greatest gift,
Ask and Embla first of all,
For them, anything I will give.

To them, I sacrifice one sight,
For nine days and nine nights,
On Yggdrasil's branches I hang myself.

The Runes are what I seek,
First to be impaled on Gungnir,
To me let powers speak.

Ninth day let the Runes be seen,
Magic and writing are mine.
On leaves of Yggdrasil's in a golden sheen.

Knowledge is mine to share and inspire,
For I am Odin,
Asgard's great ruler.

2004 Pooka


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