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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Hughin & Mughnin

Two ravens ride round the sky
Two dark shapes that mesmorize
I watch the dance of sky and wing
And hear the beasts within me sing
Inside one stirs in memory
It floats within what used to be
The other growls with firey thought
These things that were and should be not
I pause long under this strange sky
A prisoner of this whimsic flight
When long while the gift, comes drifting down
Is realization, upon me like a crown
Dread not the past, nor hide nor yearn
But think on it always, remember, learn
Memory serves as an inner guide
It shows us the things we seek to hide
We must look on them with child eyes
With curiosity to find, what under lies
As so we learn from our misty past
And build a mind both strong and vast

© Rob Crocker 2005      Rob Crocker´s Blog

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Image: Arthur Rackham, illustration for "The Ring of the Niebelung", 1910 - 1911

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