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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


How So Fearless

"Father, how so fearless, how so unafraid,
In the face of death?
That from his birth, doom hangs over every man,
Born high or low,
Wyrd fells them all?"

"Why so fearless? Why so unafraid?
Though Hel calls,
That any dawning day, might be my last,
And any night could find me,
Feasting with Ancestors?

Firstly I rest knowing, that the road to Hel,
Is well trodden,
Every one of our Ancestors, knows the way,
And waits for us,
On the other side.

Secondly I rest knowing, that my tribe is strong,
With many offspring,
Having an upstanding son, such as yourself,
Who will ward our line,
In the next generation.

Thirdly I rest knowing, my spirit's true home,
Is my whole folk,
You might think my time too short, when this body fails,
But ne'er will I be far away,
Always will I be near.

Fourthly I rest knowing, what is my choosing,
And what is not.
Before making a choice, I think long and hard,
But if no choice is to be had,
I give no further thought.

Fifthly I rest knowing, when my day is done,
And my tale told,
Neither by age nor wealth, will my true measure will be known,
But by what I have given,
To my beloved folk.

Before death, my son, be fearless and unafraid,
However Wyrd is daunting you.
One's honour outlives every man, born high or low.
Brave and dauntless always be,
Therein find worth."

"Wise words, good father, you have much to teach,
Midgard's newest men.
To my son and his sons, and to my daughter's daughters,
Will these words I speak,
At the tribal feast."

Dan Ralph Miller 2007   

Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop


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