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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Honoring Sigyn

Honor Her by honoring Her children.
Pour out offerings to Vali.
Remember the anguish of the wolf,
Who was not wolf-born.
Look at what the Aesir have done.

Pour out offerings to Narvi;
call Him on the beach,
where seagulls crest,
and crestaceans scutter
across sliding sands
as the moon drops its guard beneath the horizon.
Remember the child,
slaughtered before childhood’s end.

Honor Sigyn by honoring Her husband.
Praise His name
and allow no ill word of slander
to cross your lips
if you seek Her blessings.

Honor Sigyn by seeking out the lonely,
the lost, the hurting, the broken.
Take it upon yourself
to weave a thread of brightness into their world
to relieve some measure of their grief
in whatever simple ways you can.

Honor Sigyn by honoring those She loves.
When you have done these things,
then and only then, pour out offerings to Her.
Then and only then, seek out Her sacred places.
Then and only then, think yourself worthy of Her attention.

© Sophie Reicher

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