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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Holy Horned Lord

Hail to the God of Growth!   Frey of Fertile Increase,
Hap-Lord of Home and Hearth's,   Prosperity and Peace.

Wealth within and without,   Gift-God of Earth's Lifeline,
Ing reigns as Harvest-King,   ruling Rain and Sunshine.

Our Sire of Sovereign lines,   Frey the Father of Kings,
Lord of royal Lineage,   Ancestor of Athelings.

Guarding o'er Gods and Men,   to Protect and Defend,
His Prowess shall Prevail,   on Ing one can Depend.

 Boar-helms to honor Him,   with Steadfast Faith were worn,
As Symbol of fierce Strength,   of Troth and True-oaths sworn.

Frey's web of fate was spun,   gazing on Gerth by chance,
Or-log laid in Urth's Well,   wrapped within one glance.

He offers all He has,   surrenders Sword and Horse,
She refuses but relents,   to the threat of Thurs-force.

 Thus Frey and Gerth were wed,   by Barri's Nine Night price,
Our yearly King of Spring,   melts the Maiden of Ice.

Maid/Mothers of Midgarth,   welcome Ing's warm embrace,
Wise Women shall seek Him,   through all Time and all Space.

 For Frey shall ever be,   the Vanic God who guides,
With Nature's deep wisdom,   He blesses His Earth-brides.

Phallic-lord of the Land,  Strong Stallion is our Ing,
We gift virile Volsi,   with our erstwhile Ur-sing,

 Stag-King of all Seasons,   ever He shall be hight,
Faring forth amongst us,   beneath the bright Moonlight.

Then we shall wind and weave,   through the numinous night,
Dancing our Van-dances,   of desire and delight.

Firelight, love, and laughter,   'tis the tacit decree,
At the joyous joining,   of Urth's Well and Ygg's Tree.

Thus Threads of Time entwine,   where Worlds cross and converge,
One's Past/Present Ei-Self,   once more will meld and merge.

Flesh free of all cloth-bonds,   skin glistens and shall shine,
With Earth's magnetic might,   we entice the Divine.

Beauty and Bliss are Ours,    when We are One with God,
Praise Holy Horned Lord!   (K)Ing of the regal rod!

© Rhonda Turner 2000

Barri--the name of the glade where Frey is told by Skirnir he is to wed Gerth in nine nights time.  In Teutonic Religion Gundarsson writes on page 284, "The "nine nights" is a magical measure of time, signifying the delay between the breaking of the first farrow and the celebration of the feast of Ostara, where the god is finally united with the spring maid." 

EI--the Eihwaz rune, "symbol of eternal life and endurance." Page 45 of Futhark by Edred  Thorsson.

Hap--good luck, prosperity

Helm--OE for helmet.

Thewful--strong, mighty.

Thurs--Thurisaz rune. On page 283 of Teutonic Religion Gundarsson writes, "The use of the rune thurisaz is both the thrust of the boar's tusk which breaks through the frosty earth and the threat of what will happen if she does not allow Fro Ing to warm her: Gerdhr, the "garth"of the world, will be abused by the rime-thurses who embody the most woe-working aspects of winter."Ur--prefix meaning primal.

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