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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I can feel my heritage through shrouded mists of lore,
Feel ancestors blessing me from ancient days of yore,
I see dragonships grounding on skraelings distant shore
I hear the song of axe and berserkers' frenzied roar...

All of time resides in me, pulses through my veins
And those who came before me live in me again,
The past does not repeat itself but neither does it die,
I have every warrior that ever was inside me and alive...

I am the proud, the valiant, the steadfast and the true
And as long as life is left in me, I'll stand back to back with you,
Breast-dew runs like sea of red, with singing edge we fight,
The valkyries wait to take us home, the ravens gorge tonight...

Lose not your sense of heritage, neither lose the way
For countless lives were lived and lost so you might live today,
Honour right your ancestors, to your Gods pay tribute too
For all that is or ever was is now alive in you...

Johnny Whitebread

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