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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



In the name of Višrir [Lord of Weather],
May I always have forewarning for the storms on the horizon.
May I always have shelter to weather them

In the name of Hroptr [Tumult],
May I embrace inevitable change,
May I always ride the tumult without breaking,

In the name of Wotan [Fury],
May my fury be my weapon and my fire.
May I rule my anger instead of allowing it to rule me.

In the name of Ulfr [Wolf],
May I never lose my ferocity,
May I never be constrained by the laws of another,

In the name of Hrafnįss [Raven God],
May I always know my true self,
May thought and memory never abandon me.

In the name of Svipall [Changeable],
May I never be confined too long to a single shape,
May I enjoy every form and circumstance.

In the name of Foldardróttinn [Lord of the Earth],
May I always find sustenance,
May I be wise enough to tread lightly

In the name of Kjalar [Reindeer/Nourisher],
May I always value my connection with the earth,
May I never fear to fly

In the name of Alföšr [All-Father],
May I never stop creating,
May I be driven by love,

In the name of Galdrafošr [Galdor Father],
May I wield my tongue like a scalpel,
May I always remember the power of a single word.

In the name of Grimnir [Masked One],
May I never be fooled by falsehood,
May I always see through your disguises,

In the name of Jalkr [Gelding],
May I find strength in the liminal places,
May I never feel shame for my being

In the name of Hrafnfreistušr [Raven-tester],
May I never stop challenging myself,
May I never peak

In the name of Runatyr [God of the Runes],
May I know the words that the worlds are built on,
May I always quest for knowledge.

In the name of Fjolnir [Wise One],
May I gather wisdom every day,
May I always accept truth from any mouth that speaks it,

In the name of Yggr [Terrible One],
May I never be blinded to Your dark aspects,
May I never lose sight of the Tree,

In the name of Ošinn [Inciter/Shaker/ecstatic consciousness],
May I always seize true inspiration,
May the brilliance flow like a torrent,

In the name of Völsi [Lingam],
May I remember how queer you are,
May I never lose my lust.

In the name of Višurr [Killer],
May I never fear my own end,
May I have the strength to kill that which must die,

In the name of Vingnir [Swinger],
May I never fear sacrifice,
May the sacrifice always be worth it.

In the name of Herteit [Glad of War],
May I never fear worthy conflict,
May I always find the strength to engage.

In the name of Óski [Fulfiller of Desire],
May I have my wishes granted,
May I always have the sense to wish wisely,

In the name of Ušr [Beloved],
May I remember that Frigga's Burden is well-loved,
May I have the clarity to see why,

In the name of Gangrašr [Journey Advisor],
May I always have an audience should I need help,
May I always have the wisdom to heed it,

In the name of Skilfing [King],
May I always recognize the nobility in others,
May I never lose sight of my own nobility,

In the name of Vegtamr [Way-Tamer],
May I never lose my way,
May I always be coming home.

In the name of Hįr, Jafnhįr and Thridi [High, Just as High and Third],
May I remember that the Lord of Asgard has many faces,
May the favourable faces look always upon me.

© Talas Pįi

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"Heiti" is published in "FULLTRŚI : Patrons in Įsatrś" by Mist (Larisa C Hunter)

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