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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Heimdall Blow your Horn

Three years of only winter
Three years a strife did grow
The wolf sky now is empty
Three cocks in darkness crow

Heimdall blow your horn
Heimdall blow your horn
The fetters burst
The seas a swelling
Heimdall blow your horn

The poisoned earth is shaking
Naglfar draws near
The Etins full with battle lust
On Vigrids plain appear

Heimdall blow your horn
Heimdall blow your horn
Loki sails
The thralls of Hel
Heimdall blow your horn

The blast a raging cry
All Gods and men now hear
The Thunar shakes the sky
As Ragnarok draws near

Heimdall blew his horn
Heimdall blew his horn
The doom of gods
Surt burns the world
Heimdall blew his horn

© Rob Crocker       Rob Crocker´s Blog

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Image: "Heimdall", © Harri Perälä, used by permission. Harri Perälä´s Gallery

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