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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Son of nine
Watching the way
To Bifrost we call
In honor this day

For your endless sight
And your hearing, our thanks
That Thurses and Ettins
In Asgard won't break

Ever vigilant you are
The gold toothed God
Not a threat on the rainbow
Shall silently tread

Till Gjallrhorn wails
Winter need bring no fear
Till Naglfar sails
Your enemy near

And as clad in sealskin
Loki fights you once more
No, till that day, Heimdall
You gird Asgard`s door

Rest you rarely in Himinbjorg
Nor on Gulltop you ride
Though three classes you fathered
On hospitable nights


In Midgard
Wend thanks
For the service
You give

2005 Rob Crocker

Image: "Boromir", John Howe, www.john-howe.com

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