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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Do You weep from on high, Father of Men,
when You see all that Your children have wrought?
It’s said that You gave us division
created the haves and have-nots.
Is this what You intended or have we
failed to pay attention to the rest
of the story? You made us all brothers
and yet we turn our eyes away.
Do You look down upon us in our need
and listen to the cries that the rest of us ignore?
How can You not, Watchful One, when Your ears
can hear the footfall of the sunrise?
Protect Your children from our own folly, I pray.

© Maris Pái

Maris Pái, Huginn's assistant editor, is a heathen witch based out of the West of Ireland.
She is a writer, poet, digital artist and crafter dedicated to finding the sacred in the everyday.


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