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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


He Fights

One-Eyed Wanderer, All-Father to me,
I ask you for guidance, to help me see
What challenges lie ahead, to be
In the hopes to overcome them, and to be free.

Every so often, I am broken down
Beaten to nothingness, left to drown
In this despair and pain that I found,
And I need your help to reach my crown.

Please take me by the hand, and let me hold tight
As you walk me through the dark, horrid night
And lend me the strength so that I may fight
In order to force it back, to bring forth light.

People continue to berate and lie
Some of them call out that I should just die
And that I'm too weak to do anything, or to fly,
Above them all, into the sky.

So every night, I kneel before your shrine
In the hopes that you'll help someone of my kind
And no matter if you never do, in time
I know that I'll be rewarded, between the line.

Maybe not in this life, or even the next
But I know with my heart it will be for the best
And so I take their cruel words in jest
Because I know one day, one day, I'll rest.

I may not be a warrior of blade and of shield,
May have little worth on the modern battlefield,
But I know that my pen and my words can make yield
Even the most hardened of souls, and cold steel.

I hope there's room in Valhall for someone like me
Who fights just with pen and ink, and is free;
Though he may not be a modern king, see:
He does still fight, everyday, for thee.

Alexander Hall

~Axlazu on DeviantArt


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