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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Heathen Music

Can you sing with the wind
unrestrainedly whisper with flowers
shout with the sea and scream its highest notes
weep with the rain, and find comfort
within its eternal dripping?

When the sounds of rut surpass all reason
when hands and air and feet
follow the dance which is dancing around you
the dance of the trees
the dance of the houses
the dance of the ways
the dance of thoughts
the dance of the waves

When the dance of the wind finds the right time within you
when the dance of discussions finds the right calmness within you
when the dance of running brings your heart
to raging joy -

That is heathen music.

Denish Original "Hedensk Musik": Dan Nielsen  Solmaanen.dk
Translation: Michaela Macha

Image: Konstantin Vasiljev, Russian painter.

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