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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Heathen Lust

Hair so luscious
of fiery beauty and glimmer
Ah! Like the rising sun of dawn
that warms the waking heart
and the star of evening twilight
that cools the soul within
Come close, O'precious
for bound am I to thee

Skin of fair
and those eyes!
How they draw me
how they draw me indeed!
Dark and mysterious
from afar they touch
as if the hands of the lass
a touch of ecstasy, I feel

What lay beyond dark eyes?
Those little pools, seas of mystery
What worlds beyond, my love?
With a heathen courage and thirst
of lust and longing
to sail these waters, I must
and drown and die
in thy depths of passion

Mel (Rommelio Valerio, Australian Winter 2004)

Image: Freyja wearing the Brisingamen, J. Penrose, 1890

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