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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Heathen Lullaby

Frigga bless this hearth and home
And with love protect my kin
Let your grace inspire me
Bring me peace and wisdom

A mother´s work is never done
And a wife is a blessing
Little girls are treasure full
All of them worth more than gold

And though their sons may grow to men
And their daughters to maidens
Their mothers´ love will stay with them
How near or far they may be

And though their words are sometimes harsh
Their strength is ours when we are weak
Through lessons learned and tears wiped dry
But best of all sweet lullabies

Sweet lullabies, sweet lullabies,
Lullabies, sweet lullabies
Frigga give us many gifts,
But best of all sweet lullabies

© Denise Bowen

This song was published on the CD "Tru Spirit - Songs of our Heathen Ancestry" (no longer available)


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