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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


We sit around the cauldron fire and pour our blessings in,
Each of us allows with us the blessings to begin
When we leave the fire's light,
The embers glow within,
And with this light,
Mama Spinner
Calls Her children in...

Now, there are many pathways
Woven through the forest glade,
Fjords to cross and hills to climb
Beneath the Ash tree shade,

Some to Skathi
Learning of
The weapons to engage,
And some to Eir to take up arms
Against the fever's rage...

The Healer calls for maidens who
Will stir the broth and brew
To strengthen and to nourish life
In all that we must do...

Some will call on Odin,
And others call on Thor,
Some will wend the lonely way
Toward Heimdall's bow or knock on Freyr's door...

The Brisingamen calls to some,
Or the apples of Idun
And some will come to Hella's gates
And some will court the moon...

But some will come to Frigga's Hall
To let the work begin,
We'll tend the battle from afar,
As She calls Her children in...

And some will weave their fates
And some will spin the given light
And some will light a candle to
illumine the stormy night

I will call to Mother
And I'll render Her a tune
She fills my hands with warrior threads
And beckons to the loom...

Hazel-Kate Dooley


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