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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hanging Man

One last leap of faith
The ground is gone from me
It is sharp, it is fast, it is a gasp--
then gone.
Breath somewhere, breath nowhere
where Your ravens fly.
My eyes are closed; the crowd is dead.
Black hood, as any black hood
that always pulled the lever--
Done and done and done.

Love is something I've just tripped over
drowning in the Well.
Love, love-memories,
no memory at all.
I don't know this yet.
Not 'til I die
in ten untold ways.

The River is sticking to me; the same journey
was from the womb.
No memory, no memory
No memory at all.
This is the Source!
The shock and the cold!--
I'm drinking and drinking
my stomach bursts, cold and round.
There is not enough.

I'm not used to saying things out loud.
There are rope burns on my neck.
Preserved, there, in the bog.
I think I'm crying.
Don't turn back.

All parts of me, broken
All gone into You, whole.
There is a longing on and on now--
All I saw were its pieces.
It hits me, hard. Take me far from this place.

I end--
Your solid arms!
I feel Your heartbeat; I swear I do.

Stephanie Miller 2003

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