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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Fervent fever
Blood burning
Ligament lashing
Muscle mashes
Teeth tremble
Skin slackens
Eye erupts
Brains bombarded
Heart hammers
Feet fetter
Hand hacks
Tongue tastes
Blood blackens
Panting panic
Noose knotting
Spear shaking
Breath billows
Body breaking
Eye extinguished
Tree triumphant
Dark descending
Death demarking
Hanging hallowing
Gap gushing
Runes rushing
Power pressing
Enlightenment erupting
Life leering
Vying vicious
Hands hit
Bark bites
Feeling fulminous
Eye easing
Blood beating
Rope ruptured
Runes rapturous
Ground greeting
Spear sentinel
Blood beckons
Grip grasping
Feet finding
Legs locking
Body bending
Knees kneeling
Eye earnest
Lungs leaven
Form freed
Spine straightening
Feet follow
Legs lengthen
Stride seeking
Hands heaving
Reigns reaching
Mouth moving
Runes responding
Words whispered
Designs drawn
Movements made
Blessings born
Curses created
Sacrifice sanctified
Holiness haggard
Death deterred
Road rejoined

Sarenth Odinsson

Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

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