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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hammer Hallowing Charm         Hammer Hallowing Spoken by Thorskegga, with drums, on YouTube

Hail to Thunder
faithful folk friend,
wise world warder,
Earth's famous son.
Great god riding
the vast sky's vault,
battle proved Bear
bedecked with stars.

As we hold high
this holy hammer,
let wicked wrights
and evil etins,
flee in terror
from the fiery fierce
searing splendour
of your god-strength.

Beloved hallower
of hall and hearth,
grant us your gift
and bless this home.
Let us have joy,
firm in friendship,
strong in spirit,
and true in troth.

Thorskegga Thorn

Thorshof     Heathens for Progress

Author´s note: To give a more Norse feel to the poem, swap Thunder for Asa Thor, Earth for Jord and Bear for Bjorn.

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