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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Around my neck a pendant hangs
silver strung on a strong black cord
shaped like Thor's mighty hammer
worn as a sign to all the world
that I hold true to the old gods
and respect still the ancient ways
I live my life in troth with them
in word and deed for all my days

When I see another wearing
a hammer, intricate or plain
I know the old ways never die
through time and trial they remain
as long as there is anyone who
still calls on the old gods' names
then the strength of their power
in the world is still the same

When my daughters are old enough
I hope they choose to wear with pride
a hammer to show everyone
the faith they find and hold inside
May prayers to the ancient aesir
lovingly in their hearts shine
shown to the outside world
in a hammer's simple lines

M. C. Daimler 2007

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